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MAÎTRESSE PARISIENNE - Leading Lady of Latex (read My profile for info) - Strict British Dominatrix in Paris - LADY BELLATRIX is the Queen of Mean - FEMDOM ROYALTY ** Ring Me on direct chat! Cam with Me on direct cam! Bow down to your Queen

About me

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Gender Female
Orientation Bi-sexual
Ethnicity Caucasian (White)
Dress Size 6
Height 5'4"
Chest Size 34" A Natural
Hair Colour Black Long
Eye Colour Hazel
Pubic Hair Brazilian


MAÎTRESSE PARISIENNE - Leading Lady of Latex (read My profile for info) - Strict British Dominatrix in Paris - LADY BELLATRIX is the Queen of Mean - FEMDOM ROYALTY ** Ring Me on direct chat! Cam with Me on direct cam! Bow down to your Queen

***Add Me to your HOTLIST now slaves!***


Calling all rubber sluts!! Every Sunday night from 8pm until late, I will be available for shiny rubber webcam sessions. Join Me for some slippery fun in My latex catsuit.


Let's face it, this pandemic has been a bitch and I know that times are hard for everyone. But not as hard as the callous building up in your hand from all the wanking! To help with your frustrations, I have generously set up a relief package for you jerkoholics. I can only imagine what you're going to get up to during lockdown so here is your chance to confess.


My usual rate is £2.20pm in group and £3.30pm in private but I am offering deals for longer cam sessions.

Confinement Confessions 30 mins group 30 mins = £50 (£1.66pm)
Confinement Confessions 30 mins pvt 30 mins = £75 (£2.50pm)
Confinement Confessions 60 mins group 60 mins £90 (£1.50pm)
Confinement Confessions 60 mins pvt 60 mins £120 (£2.00 pm)

And what a better time to enter into long distance chastity training - one of My specialities. To get an idea of what you can expect, go check out The Cock Whisperer collection of videos in My profile.

One hit is all it will take for your Bellatrix Addiction to take hold.


Please address Me as Mistress, HRH or Queen. I am NOT a Goddess or Miss. Don't call Me that. Know My name before ringing Me.

Always remember that Mistress is The Boss. I take orders from no one.

I have very few taboos but I expect you to be polite at all times.

If I am not logged in, feel free to email Me to ask when I'll next be on line. But do not email Me to ask if you can ring Me if the "green light" indicating availability is on. Clearly it means that I am available and I don't offer a free pen pal service for wanky time wasters.


Since 2013, I have built quite the following on Adult Work. Now that the pandemic is upon us, I am generally logged in daily. I can usually be found on lin most afternoons until late. I am a night owl, not an early bird.

France is not technically on lockdown, but we're on a 6pm to 6am curfew and everything is shut so I have no where else to be but here! So cum say hello and keep your Queen entertained.

If you're new to the Bellatrix Experience or Femdom in general, maybe I need to spell it out for you. I'm a Professional Dominatrix and do not conduct My camming sessions in the nude. Anyone who asks will be ejected and permanently blocked. The same goes for is not I who will be stuffing objects into orfices during cam session.

I have a vast array of latex and lingerie. I am a total exhibitionist and love dressing up. I have an extensive latex wardrobe and collection of thigh high boots. But if you have a request for a particular type of wardrode, I will expect to be compensated in advance.

Special Wardrobe Requests

If you have a special request for a particular item of clothing, call Me or pop into group chat. You will be required to tip Me before I consider changing out of what I am already wearing. Then you will be expected to cam with Me in private.

25 credits - thigh high boots or pantyhose (if I am not already wearing this)
50 credits - latex dress
100 credits - latex catsuit

I do not respond to requests for a particular item of clothing via email. It tells Me that you did not read this profile and expect Me to dress to order. Femdom doesn't work that way.

On the nights that I wear a latex catsuit, I jack My prices up enormously so you can jack off to My splendid rubber figure.

Additionally, if you have a special request such as JOI or a specific detailed fantasy, you will be asked to speak with Me in private.


When you ring Me, you'll hear the soothing feminine tones of a discerning Lady. My mesmerising voice combined with My razor sharp intellect can make most men hard instantly. At times I purr like a kitten, however I can sometimes be as ferocious as a tiger.

I am originally from Vancouver, but I lived in the UK for nearly two decades. So you will find that My accent is a Trans-Atlantic hybrid of posh Queen's English mixed with North American colloquialisms and a vocabulary that can only be described as spunktacular!

Yes, I have a decadently twisted sense of humour and that is just one of the reasons you will love Me!

Just read My feedback to see what others have said about Me.

And don't ask Me to do silent calls. I can't think of anything more boring than that.

In the EROTICA section, I have recorded a free introduction to My realm so you can hear My mesmerising voice before you ring.


There are 2000 photos in My private gallery. There is a lot of latex. There is a lot of heavy rubber. There are a lot of XXX photos I don't post for free publically. Go check it out. Its just 2 credits for 24 hours viewing.


I am your Queen. Welcome to My dark realm.

I have been nailing it hard on AW since 2013 and as such I have amassed over 1200+ positive feedbacks from My lovers and losers, not to mention 25+ field reports from real time meets. Needless to say, I am the real deal. For those who are new to the Bellatrix Experience and the kinky world of Femdom see for yourself why I have garnered such a large harem of slaves and submissives who keep crawling back for more. I am a very high visibility and genuine Dominatrix on AW and this profile is as shiny as My latex catsuit!

With 10 years experience behind My belt, see for yourself why I have earned the title of Femdom Royalty.

I am an Intenational Glaminatrix and recognised globally as a Dominatrix and fetish model.

I have filmed for some of the most recognised Femdom film houses, in the UK and further afield including:

- The English Mansion
- Club Stiletto
- Femdom Films
- Interrogation Bootcamp
- Fetish Tool
- Scissor Foxes
- Chateau Cuir
- Glove Mansion
- Ballbusting Chicks and many more!

Most recently I have been on the cover of Subspace Magazine (Jan 2021) but I have also appeared on the cover of Domme Contacts and Kink Queens, with additional features in Von Gutenberg and Fetish-Zine.

You might remember My from Redlight Central TV when I did The Domme Show.


I am Lady Bellatrix. I am elegant, discerning and strict.

I am a SERIOUS MISTRESS and highly skilled in the art of Domination.

When you are in My company you will find that I am charming and personable. But make no mistake, I am stern, cruel and calculating. You will soon find all your worldly woes melt away as I subtly take charge of your mind, body and soul. The soothing tone of My voice, so commanding, yet so seductive will lure you deeper into My dark realm.

I am sensual yet sadistic, but do not be intimidated by My beauty. Of course I will enjoy inflicting pain upon you but I will also discover your deepest and darkest desires - probing and exploiting them, taking you to levels you never knew existed. I will gently coax you beyond your limits and once you're at the edge I'll thrust you into the deep end of submission.

I am petite but don’t be fooled by my size. I am formidable and My feminine form will make you long to serve Me. My toned physique is the expression of My dedication to discipline and when you are in My arena, I will expertly reform your deviant ways.

I as a serious practitioner of BDSM I have honed My skills through dedication to My craft. I offer slave training, slut training and toilet training. My favourite activities include ballbusting, humiliation & degradation, corporal punishment and of course mind control. While I do enjoy the more extreme activities of BDSM, I also enjoy the more sensual side of Domination from tease and denial, role play to foot worship.

Its true that a session with Me is intense, but once you've made the first step, I will introduce you to a world you never knew existed.

The path to submission begins with LADY BELLATRIX



Due to the ongoing pandemic, I have removed all information with regard to real time sessions. I am not currently accepting applications. As and when that changes, I will update this section of My profile. But I have a feeling that won't be for a long time.

In the meantime, if you wish to be considered in the future, I suggest you get to know Me now via webcam and chat. Moving forward, it will be increasingly more difficult to meet with Me once the pandemic is over. To be considered to serve Me in real time in the future, you'll have to spend a significant amount of time with Me on webcam and direct chat for Me to determine whether or not you're worthy of such an honour.


I am permanently based in Paris. All real time meets in France are suspended until further notice for obvious reasons.


I do not know when I will next be able to return to UK for obvious reasons. I will update My profile as and when it is possible.


All real time meets in France are suspended until further notice for obvious reasons.


When the pandemic ends, do you want Me to visit your city? I will be open to FULL sponsorship for extended bookings. You will be required to cam with Me in private beforehand to ensure your query is genuine and so you can learn My minimum requirements. I do not respond to email requests for this.


I am high protocol professional Dominatrix and highly adept at many areas of BDSM. All of My sessions are conducted CFNM (with the exception of heavy rubber).

Before each session is conducted I will ask you what your limits are. Someone into pain may not be into humiliation. Someone who is into boot worship may not be submissive. I will respect your boundaries and use My intuition to take you to the edge to ensure that we both get the maximum enjoyment out of play time. In short, I will blow your fucking mind.

Below is a sample list of some of My favourite activities:

HEAVY RUBBER: body bag, bondage, gags, hoods, latex, catsuits (min 2 hr booking/deposit required)
CORPORAL PUNISHMENT: (from mild to extreme): caning, paddling, flogging, bastinado, OTK spanking, etc
BONDAGE: cuffs, rope, leather straps, bondage bench, St. Andrew’s cross
HUMILIATION and DEGRADATION: spitting, face slapping, SPH and more. You'll be in tears by the end of the session.
FEMINIATION: x-dressing, sissification, coerced bi
INTERROGATION: My speciality! (from mild to extreme), psychological warfare, total power exchange, mental bondage, mind control and manipulation
SLAVE TRAINING: protocol, obedience, correction, discipline, servitude
TOILET TRAINING: watersports only. I do not offer full toilet training. So don't ask.
SLUT TRAINING: strap-on, pegging, ass to mouth, fisting
GODDESS WORSHIP: Foot worship, boot worship, pantyhose worship, trampling
LATEX/LEATHER/LINGERIE: I have an extensive selection of latex, leather and lingerie for Me (and you too!)
TEASE AND DENIAL: facesitting (with knickers only - no intimate body worship), sensory deprivation
SENSORY DEPRIVATION: blindfolds, hoods, fire and ice, edge play
HOODS: Latex Sensory Deprivation hood, Leather hoods
GASMASKS: British S-10, Canadian S-6

I have a very colourful imagination and am very adept at ROLE PLAY! From the bitchy boss, sadistic nurse, military commandress I can come up with a wide variety of scenarios.

COUPLES Increasingly, over the years I have been seeing more couples. I am happy to consider many different scenarios such as Double Domming with your partner or Domming both you and your partner
(but I do not switch or have sex with male slaves ever). It is well documented that I love the ladies though.

LADIES I am much more into Women than men and things tend to get a whole lot dirtier. For a more clear indication, watch My "Lesbian Cuckolding" series of clips. You will see I have a range of toys for Lady love.


While I am discrete and will always respect your boundaries and limitations I expect the same courtesy extended to Me. Here is a small list of activities I will NOT entertain.

I will not consider the following: no intimate worship above the knee (ie no Queening, rimming or ass worship), adult babies, vomit, racial humiliation or relegioius humilation. Scat, hardsports and brown showers are a hard limit. I will also not do anything against the law, with minors or animals/insects. For "blackmail fantasies" I will require a minimum tribute of £200 straight up before I will consider engaging and no I don't use Teamviewer.

Requests for any of these activities will be ignored. Those who ask will be met with a brick wall of silence and you will be promptly blocked without notice.





What is your starsign? Taurus April 21 - May 20
What is your Primary Language? English
What is your Secondary Language? Japanese
What is your favourite colour? red - the colour of blood
Who is your favourite celebrity? Lady Bellatrix
What is your best feature? Eyes
What three words best describe your personality? elegant, discerning and strict
What is your favourite food? anything spicy
What is your favourite drink? champagne
What is your favourite film? Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
What is your favourite TV programme? don't watch TV
What are your favourite flowers? roses and/or exotic flowers
What is your favourite perfume? Chanel Chance
What is your favourite gift? Money
What is your favourite holiday destination? tropical beach (preferably nudist)
What is your ethnicity? Caucasian (White)
What is the colour of your eyes? Hazel
What is the colour of your hair? Black
What length is your hair? Long
How tall are you? 5'4"
How much do you weigh? 8st
What is your shoe size? 5
What is your dress size? 6
What size is your chest? 34"
What is your waist measurement? 24"
What is your hips measurement? 34"
What is your bra cup-size? A
How would you describe the size of your breasts? Small
Are your breasts natural or enhanced? Natural
How is your pubic hair fashioned? Brazilian
Do you smoke? Socially
Do you have any tattoos or piercings? Tattoos
If you have tattoos or piercings, how discreet are they Very Discrete
What times are you always available? 10am to 1am strictly by appointment
Will you do overnight bookings? Yes
List of Towns/Areas you will visit major UK cities, Europe, North America, Japan
How long are you prepared to travel for? 2½+
What sort of women turn you on? Black ladies with nice booty. White ladies with big tits. Submissive oriental ladies.
What is the most memorable sexual experience you’ve ever had? Lesbian Cuckolding


Watersports (Giving)
FFM 3Somes
Sub games
BDSM (giving)
Spanking (giving)
Domination (giving)
Humiliation (giving)
Strap On
Foot Worship
Double Penetration
Female Ejaculation
Face Sitting
Role Play & Fantasy
Fisting (giving)
Tie & Tease
Travel Companion
Dinner Dates
Food Sex/Sploshing
Smoking (Fetish)


The above rates are specified in GBP (British Pound).


What do you offer in Group Cam?

I always have My volume on, so you can hear My sultry voice. I enjoy having more than one slave in My group so you can compete for My affections! However, if you have a specific fantasy or for JOI you will be requested to go into Private. Additionally, if you wish to go c2c this is not offered in Group.

What is your online availability?

I am based in France and while we are not on lockdown, we are on national curfew from 6pm to 6am until further notice. So I will be logged in most days. I am a night owl, not an early bird. I usually log on late morning or early afternoon until into the wee hours. If I am not logged into cam, I am generally logged into instant message. If you want to call and I am not logged into direct chat, send an email. I'm usually not far (where else would I be).

Mistress, will you wear a specific item of clothing?

Sure! I have a vast wardrobe of latex, leather and fetish footware. But if you have a request for a specific item of clothing other than what I am already wearing, you will be expected to tip Me in advance. More details can be found in My profile.

Will you wear LATEX for Me?

Every Sunday evening from 8pm until late, you will find Me logged into direct cam in My shiny latex catsuit. When I am logged in wearing My full rubber regalia, My rate per minute will be higher than usual. If you would specifically like Me to wear latex outside of My scheduled latex show, I will expect to be compensated in advance for your specific wardrobe request.

Are you offering real time sessions?

No. There's this thing called a virus going around. However, if you would like to see Me in person in the future, I suggest you get in My good books now. Post pandemic, I will only consider those I've spoken with extensively online.

Is it true that you're the Queen of Mean?

There's only one way to find out!



Phone chat via DirectChat (not available now)
1.99 credit(s) per minute, no need to book, you call a landline number (info)
Send me an email
(use the email system to securely and privately correspond with me)

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